Got Carpet Stains?

Got Carpet Stains?

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Has your carpet gone through some wear and tear? Your carpet goes through a lot - whether the problem is kids, household animals, or messy roommates you are going to need a carpet color correction or spot dyeing treatment. Carpet color correction is meant to bring the original color and feel back to your home, while spot dyeing will allow you to adjust the color of certain spots within your carpet. Kirkpatrick Cleaning Solutions, Inc. offers full room dyeing services as well!

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Carpet color suggestions

Whether you are doing a partial correction or the entire room, our spot dyeing experts will help choose what service is right for your home, and what color of carpet would complement your home best. Here are a few tips and suggestions on choosing the right carpet colors for your home:

  • Blue carpet for the calming effect within your home
  • Brown or grey carpet helps hide stains from daily use
  • Color your kid's carpet to go with the room theme
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